Letter from Dr. Russ McKelway, Psychiatrist

Hi Suzanne,

Despite beautiful weather and creature comforts I find myself missing Haiti and the fun and camaraderie we had.

I know Olivia is looking forward to seeing you in Brooklyn.  Perhaps if you could give me your telephone number we could more easily stalk you.

I have decided that you are not an art teacher but instead a high priestess of art.  You believe the creative process to be sacred, and for that reason, it becomes sacred.  Whether or not we rely on God to bolster our conception of what is sacred, if we don’t believe it and fight for it ourselves we will lose it.  This applies not just to art but to so many other things, including a respect for human life itself.  In this way you were a real leader of the group and I’m glad I got to come and participate.

Maybe too heavy for life before 7 AM.

Dr. Russ McKelway, Psychiatrist