Suzanne DeMarco is an educator and artist. She has taught art history and lessons for the past eighteen years, including ten years of service at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School, in the Santa Monica, Malibu Unified School District. She is an accomplished workshop and program presenter and the developer of a unique system, “just do art 4 kids”. Along with a series of books, her program has demonstrated success in schools across the country and internationally. Suzanne’s system is used by teachers in a school in northern Botswana, Africa, as a primary tool for art education. Most recently Suzanne personally brought “just do art” to Jacmel Haiti, where she had the great fortune to teach to over 250 children, none of whom spoke English. Suzanne believes that the language of art transcends the spoken word.

I began my journey writing a series of books titled; “just do art 4 kids” in hopes to simplify art education for everyone, especially the non-art teacher. The system is highly creative, yet so simple that I can assure that no child has to miss out on the experience of creating art because of reduced funding. My system is structured similarly to a cookbook, with easy instructions that enable a leader to engagingly teach art to students of all ages. Each “just do art” chapter is sequenced latterly from the beginning of time. The program focuses on historical and cultural events and combines art history and biographies of the masters along with that of local artists. Every lesson includes a segment called, “let’s talk about it” and “little details”, with a timeframe and resources to aid in planning and delivering instruction for each project. I have over thirty art lessons incorporated into the “just do art” system that includes hundreds of beautiful photographs of student’s renditions of the featured artists. My work leads me to ask this question:


If the answer is yes, contact me.

I can assure that your students can receive a meaningful art education aligned with National Standards and also integrated with the Core Curriculum.

The best part, I can do this in an affordable, supportive way.

Suzanne Demarco is available:

  • As an accomplished professional in-service provider for general education and special education teachers.
  • As a coach for parents of homeschoolers.
  • As a keynote speaker, lecturer and presenter bringing the “just do art” system to schools and to district consortiums.
  • As a consultant for team building activities for businesses and education organizations.